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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Hotels
  • Location: Ariana, Tunisia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Skander joined Consulting Accelerator during a time when he was struggling with his business. After working through the program, he found he was more focused and able to start landing his first high-ticket retainer client for $2,000 per month.


Hey, everyone. My name is . I'm from Tunisia, and in this quick video I want to share with you my new experience with the Consulting Accelerator program. Before I joined the program I was struggling doing business, struggling picking up a niche. I was a journalist, digital marketing, consulting, that doing everything for everyone. And then since I joined the program—the Consulting Accelerator program—everything become more clearer, more easier, and more structured. I learn how to do business the right way with an easy system to follow. And today I have more crystallized view and I'm more laser-focused on this, on the thing that really matter in business and consulting. So I want to thank Sam Ovens for this really good experience that provide for me as a customer. I'm still at the beginning and I'm more confident for the future. Thank you, Sam.