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Prior to the program, Luis was in college doing a marketing program, but was skeptical of what they were teaching - if it would really work in today's world. After taking Sam's program, Luis learned the proven techniques that actually work today to get clients - and generated an additional $3,000 /m into his business as a result!


Hello, I am Gomez from Chino, California. So, before working with Sam Ovens, I was actually in college to get a couple of marketing courses and it was here where I realized I was trying to understand an outdated system. Now I say this because the strategies and things that they were teaching me there weren't really relevant to the present time so anything from there couldn't be used online and I wasn't learning anything about online marketing. While I was taking Sam's course, I was actually a bit anxious. I didn't think that I was good enough for the program or I didn't know it would work for me, but my turning point was Sam's mindset training. Now that's what really help me reset my mindset. I realized that I had limited beliefs holding me back. Now that I went through his course, I've been able to generate an extra 3000 dollars a month to my business. I'm more self-aware, I'm confident in getting new clients, and I'm always eager to learn new things. You know, I would definitely recommend this program to anyone out there, especially if you're in college, if you're learning, if you're trying to learn marketing from colleges, just it's not gonna work. Sam is an entrepreneur. He knows what he's talking about so what you learn right here you're learning from someone who's actually done it, not just from the professor reading from a book. If you're skeptical and you lack confidence, I know how you feel. I felt that same way too, but what I found out, the things that I found out in this program have helped me tremendously. So, just thank you Sam and you guys make sure to get his program.