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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Travel & Tourism
  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Initially, Prett thought the Consulting Accelerator was going to be like ""every other course,"" but he attests to soon finding out it was not. He is confident he will be able to use what is provided in and with the program to achieve the lifestyle he wants. "


Hi Sam, this is Reed Buller, from Auckland, New Zealand. And just want to say "Thank you very, very much" for creating such a great course which has helped so many people to change their lives and I'm on the way as well. So, initially I thought this course would just be like any other course available online, but no, I was wrong. It's just one of it's kind and it's a true recipe for success. So, all I need to do is just follow the steps that you have lined up and I will be on my way to achieve the goals that I want. I started this course around a couple of months back and I'm doing it along with my full-time job. So, I haven't got any clients yet but I'm slowly making my way through and, as they say, slow and steady wins the race. So, that's what I believe in. I'll keep doing what I was required in whatever time I have available and I'm definitely determined to achieve the success, get the lifestyle that I want, and I've got the recipe, all I need to do is just invest my time in it and follow the steps that you have just outlined. And, I'm on my way to what I want. So I will definitely recommend this course to anybody who's ever wants to achieve the success online and who's ever wants to get into the consulting business this is the course available online. So, thank you very much Sam, once again. I appreciate it.