5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Wineries
  • Location: Hollister, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

After joining the program, Kendall has been extremely satisfied with the teachings in the program and the ongoing support of the Facebook mastermind community.


Hey everyone, it's Kendall McCarthy from Hollister, California, and I just wanted to say that Sam's program has really changed my life in all different ways. I'm relatively new to the program still, so I'm still working through it. I'm only in the first couple segments of it, but it's added so much to my life, just in all aspects, whether it's my personal life, business life, just conducting myself professionally. Sam has a unique insight to how all this works, and he has just offered more than other teachers can offer, as far as being a mentor, building confidence in yourself. These are things that you can't just read in a textbook, and he just is phenomenal at it. He also has given us such a great online community on Facebook. I've met some really interesting people that are like-minded like me, and you find a lot of different people on there and they give you so much support and ideas. You can bounce different things off everyone, and it's just really great. The program itself gives you so much to learn, and all of that I know I would've not found on my own and it's just great that he's put this whole thing together for us. And when I first started, I was really skeptical. You know, I found him online, and you never know what you're getting, and there was something about Sam that made me trust him and feel like, you know, this is giving me an opportunity to change my life. I work night shifts at hospitals, twelve-hour shifts, and it's a daily grind and your paycheck is kinda set and I knew I always wanted to do more, but I never knew what to pursue. There was never anything in particular that looked good or worthwhile until I saw Sam and the program he was offering. So if anyone is considering getting his program and investing into it, do it. It will give you more than you're expecting. Guaranteed. I can't say enough about it, so if you wanna do it, you should do it, and I highly recommend it. Thank you.