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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Social Habilities
  • Location: Madrid, Span
  • Consulting Accelerator

Max joined Consulting Accelerator after he had just set out in his own as a bartender. Since completing the program he has launched his business, started landing paying clients and quit his job. He now has more time for his hobbies and interests as he continues to grow each month.


Hello there. This is Mark from Madrid, Spain and I want to talk about the program of SAP, the Student Accelerator Program. Before I I choosing from living in my own, working like a bartender or to live with my parents, so I choose the bartender. Practically study, work and that was it more or less. I didn't have time for my hobbies, like Crossfit. During the program it wasn't really scary because being the owner of a business it was a little bit too much at first, but it was baby step and pretty awesome experience. Now, after the program, I left my job. Now I'm earning from 700 to 800 a month, which is fucking awesome and I work. I love ... I teach people to be more extroverted. Now I'm doing Crossfit and I went to a competition of course this year, so it changed my life. I would, obviously, I would recommend the program because I would buy a lot of time, and it was an awesome experience. It was, yeah. So thanks for the time and see ya.