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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Restaurants
  • Location: Denver Colorado, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

A huge problem with every entrepreneur is maintaining focus. It was the same with Jessica. The course helped her realize that and more. She feels the mindset training alone was worth the price of the course...now she feels unstoppable. She hasn't even finished yet and she already has 1 client interested. Good luck Jessica!


Hi. This is Jessica from Denver. I just wanted to shoot a quick testimonial video for the consulting accelerator program. Before I joined this program, I suffered from shiny object syndrome as I'm sure many of you suffer the same fate I did. During this course helped me change my addiction to the shiny object syndrome. During this course I realized how much I lacked focus, and Sam has really helped me with this tremendously. I was able to figure out my targets and set a clear cut path to achieve them. Just the mindset training alone is worth the price of this course, honestly. He teaches you how to become unstoppable, which once you learn how is something you can not put a price on. I haven't finished the course yet. I'm a little over half way through, but with the tactics Sam has taught me so far, I am on track to finish up within the next couple weeks and I already have one client interested which is uber exciting. I just have to practice the sales script and seal the deal. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking for a straightforward path to follow to achieve your dreams of starting your online consulting business. The only people I wouldn't recommend this course for is anyone who's lazy, wants to get rich quick, any of those types of non-go-getters. This course is not for you. You will have to work. Thanks, Sam for making an awesome course that gets to the heart without the fluff or bs I have seen in other courses I've taken. And yeah, to our success. Cheers.