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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Picklock Brunch
  • Location: Landgraaf, Limburg, Netherlands
  • Consulting Accelerator

Florljn came into the program as a software engineer and developer in Holland with one big problem - getting new customers for his business on a consistent basis. He applied just 1 of the profound marketing strategies inside the program, and got incredible feedback from potential customers - and scored new clients straight away as a direct result!


Hi. My name is . I did take the course on Sam Ovens, the consulting course. I really, really love it. I'm a software engineer and a marketer. The problem that I face was finding people and getting them to be a customer for me. But of course, I learn how to find new customers with the lump email. The customers, they get the lump email, and I think, well, this is really, really great. I mean, nobody else is doing it. And because of that, I get contact with this customer. And most of the time, I can find a way to help them to make their website better, to make their marketing better. And I just love it. Thinking out of the box, this is the really course for it. If you do have the same problem like I have, finding customers, be a really great professional, then this course is really, you need to do it. So please, for yourself, take this course because it's really fucking great. Bye.