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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Travel/Tourism
  • Location: McMinnville, OR, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gary and his team (Jan) are working through the course. Not only are they learning how to use consulting material in Oregon's wine country but also in dental consulting, and local artists consulting.


Hi there. This is Gary Clark in Oregon. Many months ago I was impressed with Sam's marketing of his Consultant Accelerator Program and ended up purchasing the program. I'm pretty busy doing consulting engineering, so I ended up turning over the course to my sister, Jan, who's the one who has been actually participating in the course. Anyway I'm making this video on her behalf. She very much enjoyed working with Sam and was impressed with his authenticity and forthrightness and genuineness in relating with his students and teaching them the tools and techniques for the program. Jan, she's a very talented person. She has artistic ability and she also has some background in the dental industry. She's thinking about helping dental offices with their patient recruiting efforts. Anyway she's learned a lot of the techniques and materials and she has a couple of clients for, actually some artists, local ceramic and glass artists in the local county here in Oregon, so she's gotten started. She really needs to get going on some monthly clients. The thing that she would like to get more help with is how to add value, how to feel like she's really adding value for $1000 or $2000 a month consulting fee. That's kind of what she's looking at. I'm hopeful that the Accelerator 2.0 Program will also kind of help to build a fire under her as far as motivation. I think Sam hit the nail on the head when he's talking about something holding you back by the heels and how to deal with that and cut loose. Anyway, this is Gary in Oregon and thank you for watching.