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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Travel
  • Location: London, London, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program, Emma though she was doing the right things to attract clients to her business. Now after the joining program just 5 weeks ago, she's booking lots of strategy session calls and is looking to get her first client soon.


Hi. I'm Emma Heard from London. Before I started using Sam's course, I had started my own business, but I had no clients. During the course, I've just learned so many things from, basically for me the main thing, how to attract clients through using social media which was what I thought I was doing before I bought it. Obviously, it wasn't. Now I know how to put out that are just getting an amazing response from it. Now that I've learned all of that, I'm in week five actually at the moment, so I'm just getting all of my first strategy sessions booked in. People are commenting on my and contacting me for more information, booking in the calls as I said, so it's just absolutely brilliant. I really hope to be announcing my first clients soon; hopefully this week. Yeah, it's just been worth every penny. Not just the social media side, just the confidence and the motivation to do it. I just feel like it's a completely different business. I've narrowed down exactly what I'm doing. I know now what I'm doing, so obviously the clients are more confident in me. I would definitely recommend it for many different reasons, but mainly for me I'm getting new clients, learning about social media, and just massive confidence. So get out there and buy it.