5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Fast food
  • Location: Rochdale, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Shahadat has worked with the Consulting Accelerator to develop a great mindset and is now super-confident that he can achieve his goals in business. He would recommend the program to others.


Hi there I'm Raz from Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. Before entering Sam's Consulting Business Program, I've been studying, doing part-time jobs, studying electrical engineering. And imaginings also, you know, I know there's a lot of things going on in my mind. Doing quite a lot of diggings, quite productive and I just want to get to something stable. I want to look into something, like focus into it and that's what I found with Sam's Consulting Business Training. I was really interested in it, so during the process I think it was a new way how to adapt to that kind of mindset, like a very business mindset. I was so curious to learn more about it, expand my knowledge in it and eventually ... so when you think of I'm 19 years old I'm picking up a lot of things and after the Consulting Program, well I haven't gone so far in it, 'cause it's my third week right now. But I swear my confidence level is boosted up. I've got like a better self-esteem and I feel like I could make it happen and Sam kind of gave me that background knowledge and gave me the mindset of how to do it. I think he gave me a very steady path, like gave me a ladder to climb up, up on and I think I know how it's going to be like. I'm really looking forward to making clients and strategy sessions etc and I'll definitely recommend to my friends. Actually I've spoken to a couple of friends and I'm just telling them how interesting and they're looking forward to it as well. So thank you.