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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Weddings / Events Venues
  • Location: Rio Grande do Sul / Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gui is confident all he has to do is follow the steps Sam lays out and he will find success with his business.


Hey. It's from Brazil. I am retired, 67, and new to online marketing. I got started 40 days ago. From the start, Sam Ovens' proposition made total sense to me, Great content, easy to follow, and very to the point. You just have to follow the steps and do the work. I already got a client in the niche I chose, which is now part of my training. This is big for me because every move I make is made in the real world. I can practice and adjust real time as I go on with the program. I'm also taking seriously the mindset training. I have a tendency to procrastinate the harder stuff. To follow through it is paramount I am all right in my head. Because of what I am experiencing, I strongly recommend Sam's training. It is a learning powerhouse. You buy a training and get a business in a box. I just know that if I continue doing what I am doing, work hard and follow what it says soon I'll make it work in my market. When someone like me can make it work here, anyone can make it work anywhere.