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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Travel
  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Ngatuaine was looking to spend more time with her family. Since joining, she now has the confidence and plan in place to reach her goals and move forward in her life.


Hi, my name is from Melbourne. Together with my family we have been living in Australia for 30 years and right now I want to move back to the . My background is Community Development and Partnership, however, after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, I found the importance and urgency to create time and financial freedom so my family can do things together and be able to move back to the . I believe that life is too short and time is precious, so it's important to find a better way to make a good living while spending quality time with my family. I found Sam's Program while searching the internet one day and took up the challenge to invest in my own education, becoming one of Sam's students. I found the training program very informative and resourceful. I was challenged with my mindset, putting a business plan and goal together and the importance of acquiring the right skills but this process has changed the way I see things now. I had very limited knowledge about digital marketing and consulting, however, the Program has given me the tools to be able to have the skills and to effectively start an online business. I highly recommend the Program to anyone who is looking for opportunities to start an online consulting business because this Program has given me the confidence to work towards my goals, utilizing my full potential and taking my focus away from my health issues and fears. I am super excited to be on this journey and look forward to building an empire and inspiring others. Thank you Sam and God bless.