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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Restaurants
  • Location: Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gaelle was lacking self-confidence in her life. She joined Consulting Accelerator and immediately started believing that SHE was capable of anything she wanted. She is excited for her future success!


Hello. My name is Canada Gail. I live in Ottawa, Canada. I always dreamed of this free life where you can ... When you can dream of having time, having money, and having the time to spend it with your loved one, for me was my husband and my two kids. I always thought it will be for ever anybody else but me because it was so hard. I had just moved to Canada, and it was really hard. My mind, it was elsewhere. I couldn't really work. I can't do it. I remember finding these Sam . The video of Sam Ovens through Tai website. I remember being so captivated and feeling this seed of belief in me that I can do it. That everybody can do it actually. So I bought it. I bought it and I remember finding the few first video. When I got to the mindset video, it just explode in my mind. I could that time see myself getting there. I'm still working on the video, to be able to finish that. I didn't finish yet the program, but I'm really happy to be able to share with all of you that are going to see this video; and to be able to thank Sam for this. I really thank you for the help, and the future success that is going to come with this. Thank you.