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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Wedding
  • Location: Nollamara, Western Australia, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Stu has implemented strategies in Consulting Accelerator to help him breakthrough roadblocks he had been facing. He has been able to focus, learn at his own -pace and is very happy with the positive changes he is seeing in his life.


Hello, this is Stuart from Perth, Western Australia, and I'd just like to give this quick video on my experience with Sam's brilliant program. I have made some massive changes to my life because of Sam's teachings. I have implemented a lot of the strategies that have held me back, that until now have held me back. So things like my work ethic and procrastination, motivation, have all been lacking, and the skills and the outline that Sam has given us has really helped me to overcome these limiting beliefs and barriers. I'd also like to say that I have spent money on tens of thousands of dollars worth of courses from affiliate marketing to personal development and all sorts of coaching, and nothing has really gelled with me until I've implemented Sam's strategies. And what's really worked for me is Sam's step-by-step approach and just in time learning, so I'm not scooting ahead at 10 or 12 paces where I'm struggling to keep up. I'm really learning at my own pace but I'm also just learning what I need to move onto the next step, and this has been a breakthrough for me. To be able to declutter and to focus on the next few steps has really been where I've broken through in achieving things that I haven't achieved before. So thank you Sam. Thank you for your course. And thank you for watching my video. Cheers.