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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Wedding
  • Location: London, London, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Alan has gone through the program and seen massive value from the mindset training for improving as an entrepreneur. He also praises the direct information that is provided in the consulting accelerator.


Hey everyone, Alan Ridey here in Shortage Park in London, and I wanted to talk about the consulting accelerator program and my views on that. I think there's two key things that really struck me about this program going through it about a year ago. And the first thing is it really gives you the core, 20% of the stuff that you need to be successful, and it cuts out that 80% of that stuff that you don't really need. And it really keeps you focused on the core essentials, and I really liked that about the program, because a lot of other programs I think they give you a lot of fluff, so that was great. But I think the second thing was really the most powerful thing about this program, is it gets a little bit deeper on mindset. And by mindset, I think it's great to have that picture of where you want to get to, and everyone's heard about that kind of things before, but the most powerful thing on the mindset work on this program is really thinking about how you can use a structure and some tools to actually manage the subconscious element of mindset that can often sabotage you. So it really gets into the what's beneath the iceberg in terms of emotions and subconscious psychology and things that's happening, how you can actually influence that, and provides really effective tools you can use on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur or business person that is trying to do this stuff you have to be quite resilient, and you want to be able to manage your emotional self as well as your rational logic self. Do the right things but also have the motivation to do them and have the right communication styles and things like that.