5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Kitesurfing
  • Location: Cadiz, Spain
  • Consulting Accelerator

Sam was looking to gain predictability with his business. He found the course very well laid out and progressive. He has been able to land his first client using Sam's methods in just three weeks of signing up and recommend the program to others even if they are not a classical consultant.


Hi there guys, it's Sam from Tarifa, Spain. I've been doing Sam Ovens' course consulting accelerator for about three weeks now. Before I started, I was really struggling to gain any kind of predictability in the business. What was happening? We were busy. We were doing well, but there was no way that I would ever know from day to day, from week to week, from month to month, whether we were going to be busy or whether we weren't. It was just pot luck. Now working through the course itself, I found real easy I have to say. The videos were really well laid out. It was all really, really progressive. One thing built on the other in a very logical sequence. I found it very, very easy to complete the videos. What I would say maybe if you're not so good on the technical side, you might struggle a little bit more with the technical aspects of the course. However, having said that, there's a great Facebook group. We have two calls every week where you can go and ask questions, and the guys on there are really, really responsive. If you do have any problems like that, A there's people that can answer your question. B, there's actually an awful lot of guys who are doing this stuff day to day, and if you can't physically do it, you can contract them to come and help you as well. There's plenty of support within the course to get the more technical aspects which if you haven't got a background in that, you may struggle with. I've got a background in it, so I found that fairly easy to move through the whole course. To be honest, in just three weeks of doing this I've already gained. We've already had four strategy sessions last week, one of whom we converted into a paying client, so the course is already paying for itself within just three weeks. There's no other course I ever done that's been that fast. This really, really is the real deal. Obviously having said that, I would absolutely recommend this course to any of you guys who are out there. My business isn't really based around consulting, and it's working with my business as well. Even if you're thinking well maybe I'm not quite a consultant, I just want to get into the online world, this is a really, really good course for doing that as well. If you're a consultant, this an absolute must. You have to get this course. This is the best course there is out there for the consulting world, and I highly recommend it.