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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: DM
  • Location: Bullhead City, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, Jim was looking to start a new business. He was spinning his wheels for two years, but found the Consulting Accelerator program to be very practical, informative and is helping him move forward with his new business.


Hello, my name is Jim . I'm currently living in Arizona. Ten years ago, I sold my business. It was very successful, sold it, bought a sailboat, sailed with my family around various parts of the world for 10 years. Raised the kids. Had a wonderful time. Kids grew up, though. We finally sold the boat in Fiji, moved back to the US, and I knew I needed to start a new business. I was successful before, how hard it can be? Anyway, I spent the next two years, mostly spinning my wheels, not getting a whole lot of traction, and wasting a whole lot of time spending money learning lots of knowledge, but as far as applying it? Not really doing a whole lot of things that I should have. Anyway, come across Sam's videos. What he said made a lot of sense, finally sprung for the course, and it's all gold, pure gold, worth listening to many, many times. But the mindset stuff stuff, to be honest, I'm 53. I don't need this stuff. It sounds like frou-frou BS. Well, it's not. That part really paid off for me. Now, I'm moving ahead, making a lot of traction. No doubt, I'm going to be wildly successful at this point. I know what I'm doing. I can move ahead, but I just couldn't ... I mean, two years, Sam talks about wasting a year. I wasted two. Got nothing to show for it. The course is way worth it. Just do it. You got a money back guarantee. You won't want it, but just do it. It'll make your life a totally different and better place. All right. Thanks. Bye.