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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health/beauty
  • Location: Sacramento, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Donna always felt like she had a lot of value to offer to people, but didn't have the process. After joining she has learned a ton and learned what she has need to start her successful consulting business landing high-value clients.


Hi, my name is Catherine Leonard. I'm from California and before I met Sam I had many businesses earlier on in my life for 28 years, and then I got involved in the corporate world. I got a lot of education, a lot of training, a lot of experience and I feel like I had a lot to add to people but I had no power to do so. I ran across Sam and I watched his opening video. Very exciting young man. Loved his story. Loved what his process sounded like and it sounded simple. So I did, I joined his program, the Consultant Accelerating program and, oh my goodness, I learned so much, step by step, the psychology, how to go about everything, how to break everything down, how to market everything, how to reach people, how to talk to people, you name it, scripts. Everything you could possibly imagine and more. Once I got going and working the program, I started seeing results. I was able to reach out to people, with confidence, because of the simple plan that I was following. Very much of a process and you have to put your feet into action. I definitely recommend this for anyone that would has ... Even if you have a business and you want to get it moving or anything that you have to share. You are talented, you can do it and Sam is the perfect, perfect person to show you exactly how to get the results that you want. Thank you.