5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Interior designer marketing (research stage)
  • Location: Winnipeg, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, Zenan was looking for a way to transition into starting his own online business. He is confident once he is able to go through and finish the program, he'll be able to build a solid business with the course materials.


Hi, everyone. This is Wong, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I joined the Consulting Accelerator Program about five weeks ago, and I might aspire to make a transition, career transition from what I'm currently doing, as a mortgage broker. I'm looking for ways to start my own business, and I come across Sam Oven's program. I didn't join the program right away, but after watching the webinar a couple times, I made the decision to join the program. Before I join the program, I don't have much idea about what I want to do, and what kind of step should I take to achieve the road I want to. During the program, I be able to increase my self awareness, and start to attract more idea on content and positive behaviors, so I'm developing my new habits to take actions and step out of my comfort zone. So, after the program, I'm confident I will be able to develop a skill needed to help the niche I already picked, and able to build a business from what Sam has been sharing through the program. I highly recommend people, whoever want to take this first step to learn the process to become independent entrepreneur. If you are on the fence, I will recommend you check it out, and you will be glad you did it.