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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health care
  • Location: West Point, Utah, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the Consulting Accelerator, Shaun was looking to find a way to break from the 9-5. After going through the course, he has been able to dial in his mindset and start landing clients with his consulting business. He is now on his way to quitting his job and working his consulting business full-time.


Hello, this is Sean Miner from Salt Lake City, Utah. I wanted to share a few words about Sam Oven's and the Consulting Accelerator program. Before joining the program, before I knew about Sam Oven's and his Consulting Accelerator program I was struggling in a long time, 9-5 job, looking for something to break out and do something different. Luckily, I came across this program and it helped me make some changes, start some new things that I hadn't done before and take the steps that I needed to be successful. Going though the program itself was very easy. There's a lot of detailed, step-by-step information that helped me out a lot. But what helped me, more than anything else was the other side of the coin, which was a lot of the psychological stuff. Setting goals, having confidence, looking to the future, knowing what I want and how to go get it. That really helped put things in perspective as I made my plans for what I was going to offer, how I was going to offer it, and the confidence I needed when I talked to other people. Since going through the program and getting my offers out there, I saw benefits, not only to me and my business, but I was able to help my wife to put a few funnels together for her business efforts and really help both of us. This will be the year that I'll be retiring, or quitting my 9-5 job, and doing my own business as full time again. I thank Sam and his program and everything that it's done for me and my family. I would totally recommend it for anybody out there who is considering the program. Go for it. Put the work in. Do what's necessary to be successful and you'll get the results that you're after. Thanks again. Bye now.