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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health
  • Location: Brønshøj, Denmark
  • Consulting Accelerator

Sillas joined Consulting Accelerator after seeing Sam's free content and believed Sam had the very best information. He found in the training his business and mindset improve which helped him gain the confidence moving forward.


Yeah, hello. This is Silas Larsen from Copenhagen, Denmark. The reason I turned Consulting Accelerator is because Sam very quickly convinced me through his free consult that he also provides the best training in the world. And I'm saying that even though I've been 10 years in the online marketing industry, for example, as an SEO consultant doing five figures a month. Where that comes, that I have been studying a lot of consultant training for my life. It's not only business you learn about in this program. You also learn a lot about mindset training and life in general. Personally, something that really strike me early on in the program is that I didn't have to stick with my old niche, which was SEO, where the main focus was on generating profit for my clients. I switched this to the health industry, where I also put a much bigger goal for myself and my business, where I realized through that I'm able to help and affect a lot of people. And that's a big motivator for me, kind of a game-changer as an entrepreneur as well. So yeah, I want to say thanks to Sam and of course his team for that, and I really appreciate everything he's done for me so far. If you are considering starting a business I really recommend you this program. I'm not doubting it's the best thing you can do actually. If you are then I hope to see you in the Facebook community, which also is very, very great. You can look forward to a lot of productivity and good vibes and everything, so yeah. Bye-bye.