5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Car dealerships
  • Location: Hooksett, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Sev is new to the Consulting Accelerator program and is working on developing the skills he needs to deliver results for his clients. He recommends others join the program.


Hi there. My name is , and I joined the accelerator program about a month ago. Now I'm on week four, absolutely loving the program. I did pick my niche in week two, and did my research, market research, and my niche requires me to do digital marketing. I know nothing about digital marketing, so I went on Facebook, contacted some people in the accelerator group, and they all told me that Sam has the video of digital marketing, and how it's done, and stuff like that, in week seven. I'm just making this testimonial just to open up that week seven, so I can start learning about digital marketing, and really get things done, because I tried to look it up on YouTube, and there isn't really much information there, as far as digital marketing goes, and some free stuff that I could learn. Everything that I found is paid. Ever since I found out that Sam has digital marketing, and I already paid for the program, Sam, for me, is kind of like a tested track record that I can trust, and I know that he will provide good information about digital marketing. Actually how I joined the accelerator program is I found a video when I was trying to find my niche, while I was trying to get out of my nine to five job that I'm currently in, and not really liking. So I came across one of his ads, and really loved what he said, and really sounded promising. I went out, sold my car, and bought the program. So far in week four, I'm loving it, and if I live like no one else right now, I know later I can live and give like no one else. I know later I can just afford a better car, a different car, and I can guarantee to myself that if I put in the work, if I do all the things that Sam wants us to do in the program, it's almost 100% that you will succeed. So I can't really say much about my life after the accelerator program, because I'm still in it, and I wish later I could give a better testimonial when I actually get my niche going, and I get some clients, and make some money. So, looking forward to doing that. But, for now, would I recommend this accelerator program? Absolutely. I know that you can get the money, because I did. I went out, sold my car, and I could afford this program. There is ways to go around it, and Sam talks about it, and everything he says is true. Yeah. Really, really love the program. Alrighty? Thank you.