5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Healthcare commercialization
  • Location: DeBary, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Roxie joined Consulting Accelerator looking for a growth strategy for her company. She has now been able to target in on her strategy and focus and is ready to start taking action with her new skills to grow. She has already recommended the program to others.


Hi, my name is Roxie Mooney. I'm the CEO and Chief Marketing Scientist for Legacy DNA Marketing Group. I've had this marketing agency for about 10 years now, and just purchased the Consulting Accelerator program a couple of months ago. Before the program I was really debating on what was gonna be my growth strategy for the company moving forward, and all of the problems, and challenges that Sam talks about in the program with the barriers to growth, the challenges, and the problems of growth was something that I was experiencing. I initially bought the program, because I was interested in understanding the Facebook algorithm better, but, honestly, I think the inspiration and motivation that I got from week two was just absolutely phenomenal, and that was worth the program in itself, and everything else just ended up being a bonus. It completely super charged me in my actions over the next couple of months, and so, I've really honed in my positioning strategy, and now a commercialization company, a healthcare commercialization company instead of a healthcare marketing firm really focused on one single business problem, which is tied to all of my doctoral work. But, it's really just helped me have a real clear understanding of how I could leverage that, and grow my business. I highly recommend the program. I've already recommended it to several other people who have purchased the program, and gotten really excited about it, other entrepreneurs and business owners that I know. Thank you.