5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Video Game Developper
  • Location: Pietroso, France
  • Consulting Accelerator

Mickael has gone through the Consulting Accelerator and now has the confidence he needs to launch his business and is excited for his future. He recommends the program for others.


Hello everybody, I am Michael from Lyon in France. Here is my testimonial about some events consulting adult training. It will be by myself. Before joining this training, I have tried a lot of nights to find jobs. This way of approaching work never suited me. About six months ago, I started wanting to create my own business, I began to read everything I could to train myself and also enrolled in several night courses. In six months, I time test some and learned a lot. But, things really started to change for me since I follow the ... some training. Without any doubt for me to date, it's most ... complete and mind blowing course that I have been given to see and participate. Everything in all aspects of starting a consulting business approached from A to Z, and the mindset parts, allowed me to a profound and necessary change in my habits to go as far as I can imagine in my own business and my life. Am really delighted, I have invested in this ... having invested in this course. This is best investment I have made since I started this trip. The return of investment are coming soon now for me .... is coming soon out for me. I have started from scratch as a consulting business, and there are months I trained and prepared to a point that I'm ready to launch my business with confidence. Thank you very much to events for this training. I definitely recommend this online course for everybody, while willing to achieve big things in their life, because it's most complete course that you will see in my opinion. So go.