5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Small branding agencies
  • Location: Abbots Langley, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Kavi is brand new to the program and is just two weeks in. He is seeing tremendous value in the program so far and is confident this program will help him build a sustainable business.


Hi guys. here, and I just wanted to send a quick review of the Consulting Accelerator. So, I live in the UK and I'm currently working a 9 to 5 job as a marketer. I just got the job as a marketer working for a company who teaches people in finance and technology. I enjoy my role and everything, but the actual area of finance and technology is not so much for me, so I started looking into other ways that I could start to make money. And so I came across Sam's Consulting Accelerator program and he said, "Sign up for the webinar," so I signed up, but I actually didn't watch the whole webinar through. Then later on, I got an email from him saying, "Here's some short courses that are about half an hour long explaining the different process of how to acquire clients," and taking you through that whole process and it was really good. And so then, actually, the night before, I had an expiry on my deal. I went back and watched the webinar all the way through and that really convinced to kind of go into the program. So, currently, I'm in Week Two and I can say from the beginning, from before, to where I am now, I've come so far, just in my mindset, my understanding of business, my understanding of how things work in that sphere. It's an extremely powerful course and Sam goes into a lot of detail and it's really for anyone starting out. So, I can't recommend it enough, personally. I can see how the building blocks are being set in place to really be able to build a substantial and sustainable business for myself and, really, to scale it to any level that I want, any amount of freedom that I want. I can build that things on my terms. So, that is my review of the course. Highly recommend it to everyone and I hope to see you guys inside. See you later.