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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Unsure at the moment - possibly Design.
  • Location: Totnes, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gareth joined the program and describes it as the best course he's ever invested in. He is confident moving forward that he will be growing his business and recommends others to join the program.


Hi, I'm Gareth Coxham from the UK. I've been on Sam's course for around three or four weeks. It's definitely the best course I've ever invested in. I can't really comment on life before the course, because it's still early days, but I can already see that the way it's structured, the sheer amount of content as well. I'm only, like I say, three or four weeks in. The mindset element of the course is the best that I've ever encountered. It makes you view yourself and your business, and what's possible in a completely different way. The community as well, the online community is very supportive, very helpful. I'm still researching niches, but I can really see that this course is going to really, really push me on and really help me develop my business and where I go from here. I would very much recommend people invest in the course. If you've got a business that is very much a business that hasn't got anything that kind of sets it apart. Its all a kind of me too business if you like, then this course is really going to help you focus on what you can offer. It's going to help you niche down and really create a powerful message. Really find your audience. So yeah, highly recommend it. It's been very useful to me so far. It's something that I think I will now look at and reference every day going forward, to remind me of elements. Also, to push on and refine my message, and yeah highly recommend it. Thank you very much Sam, excellent course. I look forward to seeing where it's going to take me. Thank you.