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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Mental Health
  • Location: Varkaus, Pohjois-Savo, Finland
  • Consulting Accelerator

Thu was not feeling happy with her professional life before joining the program. She joined Accelerator and totally had her outlook on life change. She is in charge of her life and finds the structure of consulting to be great.


Hello, I'm from Varkaus, Finland. Before the course, I was not so happy totally with my life. My family life is quite good, but I was always dissatisfied with my job. I didn't get what I deserve. I always thought that. I went to college which took me six years, but after that, I was already assistant as the highest position where I got. So which mean I use the small percentage of what I'm capable, and I blame everything. I blame because I'm foreigner of this country, didn't recognize my , so "My life is quite miserable," I thought. But during taking the course, I was impressed with the materials, and it changed literally the way I looked about life. Before, I blame everything. I blame everybody else, everything else except myself, but now I think that I'm in charge of everything that's happened to me, and I can decide what I want my life to be. And the course assisted me with guidance so that I can get what I want to. So I have a clear path to the job, and I find that the consulting jobs quite soothed me. I'm now in four, and it's almost two months now. I took it quite slowly. I got four , so I'm doing research to narrow it down to one and two. And I think and I know that soon I will find it. And, I think that after the course, I can success in my or life. I can do what I want to do in job like consulting. I can help people. It's what I always wanted. And, it's not only helped me to change my life so much more better. And I think that when I feel some more happier, my family members like my husband and doctor can feel it too. And of course it affected my parents. I really highly recommend this course to others who want it, who wants to help other peoples to achieve a happier life, and I think we are meant to live happier than miserable life. Thank you.