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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Relationship Enrichment and Personal Development
  • Location: Shijiazhuang, China
  • Consulting Accelerator

Christina speaks very highly of the program and has been extremely happy with her experience, the resources included, and she sees the extreme amount of effort and work that has gone into creating the program.


Hello, I'm Christina. Kadrian: And I'm . Christina: And we just completed the Sam Ovens Consulting course. Kadrian: And it was phenomenal. Christina: It was amazing. You know one thing that stood out for us the most was the market research, understanding the importance of the market research, and understanding that we can't just figure out or think about what the market wants, but to actually go to the market, and understand and ask the market what they want. Kadrian: One of the important things or important factor as well, was the mindset training. Christina: Oh yeah. That was amazing. Kadrian: Like Sam blew my mind. Christina: It was. Kadrian: He opened like a can of worms in my head. Things that I've never thought about, you know, so I think it was very, very important and very interesting, the points that he brought out. You know, getting us to think on a deeper level than we've ever thought of before. Christina: Certainly. Also the resources. I don't know, Sam spent so much time, he put a lot into it, and just gave his everything. I was really, really happy to have received so many things. From the map and the calendar, everything. It was just amazing. I knew that a lot of work went into it and I can not just use it for business but I can use it for my daily life. We actually have been using the plan itself for the budget. We've been using that for our home life. So we're really thankful to you Sam, and we would encourage anyone to take this course. Invest in yourself, it was worth it, and we will certainly be going over the course again. We thank you so much. Kadrian: Thank you.