3 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: PyME and professionals
  • Location: Peñuelas, Puerto Rico
  • Consulting Accelerator

Christian joined the program while he was searching for a way to build a successful company. He highly recommends others join the program as he believes it will the best investment in their lives.


Hi, my name is Christian Martinez. I'm from Puerto Rico, and I am located in the Caribbean. Before I joined Consulting Accelerator, I was looking for do things differently. You know? Building successful company business that can give the value to other people. Then I find Sam Oven's in the niche of consulting, that I find that very particular to me, because I have experience in the consulting niche. I decided to jump in in the program, and this blew my mind, because during the course, I was thinking some misconception that I have about consulting niche. Sam Ovens changed everything, and I learn new things. I learn how to create value for other people, and not to charge per hour. After the program, I was really, really astonished of other information that he have in the program, and all the things that I learned. I decide to create the business, the continue and put work on other tasks, other goals that I have. Right now, I'm in a moment that I have no regret about investing in that program, because it was a perfect fit for people who is searching for creating a business, a successful business, and have guidance by someone who have done it. I think that's a perfect program, and everyone should buy this program, because it's the best investment that someone can do in her life.