5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: I help startups scale their monthly revenue using digital advertising
  • Location: Neu Isenburg, Germany
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Ahmed was working at a 9-5 job and wanted to start his own business and build the skills necessary to one day go out on his own and quit his job. He is currently finishing up the final week of the program and is working on mastering the skills so he can deliver his clients great results. He is excited to quit his job in the near future and star landing client.


Hi everybody, Achmed is here from Frankfurt, Germany. I just want to describe to you my journey for the Consulting Accelerator program, how I progressed and what's my situation right now. Before the program, until now, I'm still working for a 9 to 5 job in Frankfurt here. I'm originally from Egypt, have a technical background, and since long time ago, I wanted to just start something for myself and quit my job. But I didn't find anything skillful for me. I'm trying the course on the Facebook and I bought it directly. I find that if there is anything, it wasn't even so much and through the course I was exposed to a lot of new things for me. The sales the week three, the week two, the mindset out of sync was holding me back. And I kind of think week six and just almost completed the course and I knew my niche exactly. I'm going to serve them, but I need to acquire some tools or this will be part of my solution to them like Facebook ads and Instagrams and even more I can think of all the stuff I need to adjust to get my hand on to start. And yeah, and hopefully when I get some clients, I will start quitting my job and start this full-time. I definitely recommend this program for anybody. I would recommend it even for my friends, my family. It's pretty useful. And yeah. Thank you so much for this and bye.