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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Health and Wellness
  • Location: Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Robin has used the Consulting Accelerator grow his business into the 6-figures and go full-time with a team. His plan is to hit $50k month.


Hey everyone. My name is Robin Alex and I'm from Dallas, Texas, actually out here at the Ranger's ballpark. I wanted to give a testimonial about the Sam Ovens program and what it's done for me and just kind of the quality of the program. So, before I started with Sam Ovens I had a business, kind of did it on the side, was doing about $3,000-5,000 a month and it was doing okay. But the goal for me was to turn it into something full time and being able to grow with a team. So, working through the program, it enlightened me and gave me some ideas and things that I'm not typically used to and it got me out of my comfort zone and definitely changed my mentality of thinking, which is huge. It also built a lot of processes into my business which I didn't have. It was definitely a time consuming program, but it was the time that you need to really grow. After the fact, now I have two full time employees. We're about to hit the $25,000 a month revenue mark, which is huge. And by the end of the year I hope to be at $50,000 a month and kind of grow from there. Also, trying to get five employees. So, anyone else who's really interested and thinking about getting this program, definitely do it. You're missing out and you're really holding yourself back. Sam's gone through and figured out the missing links for many people, including me. And I think he could do it for you as well. Thank you.