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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Retail business
  • Location: Raby, Nsw, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Meet Justin. He was looking for a way to grow his coaching business when he came across our program. Watch him explain.


Hey, my name's Justin Moore from Sydney. I joined the Sam Ovens program because I wanted to develop my business coaching business. I found Sam Ovens through a colleague, or a mentor, of Ty Lopez. I was, you know, really captivated by what Sam was saying, and his struggles, and what he went through. I could really relate to, you know, having that big goal that you wanna go for and not knowing exactly how to get there. It really inspired me along the way to do that. The reason why I joined the program was I liked the structured that he was talking about, about focusing on the sales part. I think that was lacking in my plan before. It was more about, you know, creating the product. My experience during the program was, you know, really increased my knowledge around Facebook advertising. Before that, I probably had very low or basic knowledge. It was very intensive. It's probably the best Facebook training I've had, and I've done a lot of course, so it's definitely probably the best in Facebook training. My results from it was I got one client namely a local restaurant business. They paid me $400 for the month to help them with their social media. Now I'm looking to grow that. I'm really more focused on business coaching, get more clients on board, and go from there.