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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health and fitness
  • Location: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program Nick was working long hours and was looking to leverage his time more effectively. After going through the program, he has been able to cut his work time in half and grow an online business. He likes the practicality of the program and is excited to start helping other personal trainers out with their business.


Hi there. I'm Nick Helm and I'm a personal trainer from London. Up until recently I've been working really long hours training one-to-one clients and I'd always wanted to set up an online business so that I can sort of reach more people and work less hours and earn more money. I purchased the course, went through it, it's absolutely amazing. Sam's voice seems to sing to you and you really connect with him. Anyway, using the principles that he teaches, I was able to set up my own online business. Now I run a successful online business, I work half the hours I was before and it's been a massive help and now my next step is actually to set up the consulting side of my business, so now I've given myself more time, I'm able to do this. One of the main things about this course is it's just so easy to follow. It's such a good layout. It's so practical. It's everything you would never think of, you know. The mindset bit was amazing and the six figure consulting sales closing letter was amazing. You get people on the phone and you close them straight away. It's just great. I mean, I'm a personal trainer not a super minded business person and with the back up of Sam, I Just feel like I can do anything. I've been through this now, I've set my business up. I've made all the mistakes, I've followed Sam's course, I've corrected them and now I can tell other PTs, and charge them, how to create their own online business and even start their own consulting company. I have to say, you simply won't find this sort of training anywhere else online. I'd highly recommend this course if you want to quickly upscale your income and build a far more rewarding business, this is your way forward.