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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Photographers
  • Location: Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Joshua joined Consulting Accelerator and now feels more confident in his life and business approaching clients. He get focused in his business and start charging $2,000 for his coaching services.


Hey, there. My name is Joshua Westover, and I'm from a town called Tunbridge Wells in the UK. I'm also one of Sam's students in the Consulting Accelerator. Before I was in the program, I was starting up my own digital marketing agency, and I managed to get some clients on my own with that, but honestly, I wasn't charging what I was worth. A lot of that came down to my mindset, and a big part of Sam's course is training your mind to become more confident with going out there, and charging more, and working with the right people for you. Going through that section of the course was massively life-changing for me. I make sure that I now work on it every day, and I feel way more confident approaching business, and approaching consulting, and approaching clients. Just for that part of the course, it was massively valuable. Now, after going through the course, I have basically completely changed the type of person that I'm going after to something that I'm personally more passionate about, and Sam's ... Basically, his mindset training made me feel confident about going after something that I was actually more interested in. Also, I'm charging $2,000 for a coaching program, which before this course I wouldn't have even felt comfortable at all with doing something like that. I just didn't price my expertise correctly at all. Just those things are massively valuable. If you're in a position that I was in, where you just weren't charging enough and you weren't going after the people that were right for you, then this course will completely change that for you. For that reason, I highly recommend it to anyone watching this, really.