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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Home service contractors
  • Location: Killeagh, Ireland
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program, Patrick had been through many online programs that didn't like up to expectations. He feels very differently about the Consulting Accelerator, and is excited to land his first client very soon.


How you doing everyone? Patrick here from Ireland. This is a testimonial for Sam's Consulting Accelerator Program. I just want to briefly talk about my experience. Before I did the program, I've done many training courses online and I'm also one of those individuals that have a Consulting Master's in Management Consulting from one of the top 50 universities in the world and spent many thousands doing it and finished it and didn't even use it. However, I would compare the Consulting Accelerator Program just on it's own even, just that part, as far better than my Master's, which as I said, I spent a lot of money on. I've done many other training courses and I've always wanted to do the self-employed online world. I like it purely from the point of view of autonomy in my life. I've wanted that for my family. Most programs that you do fall far short of what you need to be self-employed and to sustain a business into the long term. The Consulting Accelerator Program leaves absolutely nothing out. As I said, my personal challenge with a lot of the trainings I've done and I've always known that my own personal challenge would be the whole mindset area and that's the part that was keeping me back with regard to all training, and in fact anything as regards being self-employed. Sam tackles that in Week Two and I would regard myself as being fairly well read up in the area but it's phenomenal and it's nothing I've ever covered. It has got me through that section. I'm about five weeks into the course now. I'm about to take on my first client in the next two to three weeks. I've chosen a niche, an industry niche that I've always wanted to work in for an awful long time. Funny now, I feel as if for the first time I actually can work there. I'm hoping in the next four weeks to take on my first client. I would see the program as being extremely well worth the investment. There is nothing left out of the course. It covers all elements to it and I can categorically say that the only reason somebody could not follow through and achieve what they need to achieve is literally by not doing the course and not following through the actions. If you follow through the sequences, I know after about four or five weeks into any training program you get days that you just feel unsure and not as strong as you were at the beginning to follow through, especially if you don't have the evidence to show that you're making progress. If you do follow the course program, if you follow what's advised and how to cope with that insecurity and whole issues around mindset you will push through it. It has been phenomenal for me and I would absolutely highly recommend it to anybody doing it and in fact I would say don't invest in any other program, not because I don't want you to but as regards value from money and content and I'm fairly well read up. I would see this program as being the best value for money I've ever spent and that compares with my Master's in Management Consulting. If you're in any way doubtful about it, don't be. Buy it, get the course, do it and you'll achieve what you need to achieve. Okay thanks, bye bye.