5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Physical Therapy
  • Location: San Jose, California , United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Emmanuel has recently been laid off from his job and whilst going through the program he has had a powerful realization in his family values. He is extremely passionate about helping others and has the endeavour to do so as he continues to learn and implement the programs teachings.


Hi, this is Emanuel Jose from from San Jose, California. I want to talk to you a bit about my experiences with the Sam Ovens Consulting Opportunity. I had just gotten laid off for the second time in my career, was re-evaluating what my next steps were, and this webinar came to me. I sat in on it, thought the concepts were really, really simple, easily applicable, and I was always open to working hard anyway. During the course of the training, that I'm actually still in at the moment, I took away a lot of family values that Sam actually talked about. It wasn't all about just making money, it was about helping people, giving back, and I kind of took that, the hardest part of the program. Because I'm still going to do the training, what I'm hoping to do after I complete the training is really come up with an income that would actually the quality of my requirement better for me and my wife, and my kids and my grandkids. I'm looking forward to that opportunity and bringing in the money for that. The way this program was set up, I would definitely recommend it to my friends, especially those friends that are looking to have kind of a supplemental income in their retirement years as well, to make their lives better as well. Thanks for everything, Sam. I appreciate you making the effort to bring in this opportunity and sharing it with everybody. Thank you.