5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Orthodontists
  • Location: Baltimore, MD, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

The customer has a government job and is on week 6 of the program. The customer has not actively sought out prospects but is so confident in Sams course he knows once he starts he will achieve success.


Hi everyone, my name is , I'm from Baltimore, Maryland. I joined Sam's program back in November, December time frame and, before the program life was pretty good. I was here at my government job and I like it. Things were going well. Just graduated from school, but I felt like I was missing something. I felt like I was missing that sense of purpose, that job that you would do every day without getting paid for something that you would wake up everyday excited. I feel like I was missing that. I feel like I'm partially there. I saw Sam's program, I said, "Wow, this may be it." Doing Sam's program, I'm just about finished week six, so I'm not done yet and all ready I feel inspired. I feel confident. I feel like this is it for me. I'm extremely grateful, this program is amazing, I'm not even done yet. I don't even have a client, but I know as soon as I'm finished and I open those floodgates, everything is gonna come in and I'll be, I'm gonna crush it. Without a doubt. I'm gonna crush it. That's how confident I am. That's how confident Sam has made me. Gosh, I can't speak to after the program because, like I said, I'm still going through it. I've been taking it slow because my job is so demanding. I'm just about finished, matter of fact, because of this video, I'm determined to finish all of week six this weekend. Sunday, March 12th, it'll be finished. I'm putting that goal on myself. Just because of this program. That's how inspired I am. So I recommend this program to anyone and everyone. Sam Ovens is the consultant for you. Thank you.