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5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Health/Fitness
  • Location: Boston, MA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, Ming was timid to take action and invest in himself. He has been able to learn how to sell himself and his knowledge very well and recommends others who are on the fence need to invest into themselves to make it.


Hey, guys. My name is Ming Lee. I'm doing this video testimonial for the Sam Ovens Consulting Course. I am currently located in Oak Park, Illinois. I just wanted to let you know that if you are on the fence at all about signing up for this course you should just go ahead and do it. The reason why is before the course I think I was a little bit more timid about taking action. Even though it's always been my own dream since I was a kid to start my own business. I think one of the things that you have to be willing to do if you want to get into business and if you want to start leading a life of success and having things that you want you have to be willing to take action in putting in money down for the future. That's kind of what you do when you sign up for a course like this. Before the course I think I was much more timid about taking action but now as you get more involved in the course and you begin meeting other people who are wanting the same things in life you start becoming a person that ends up taking more action and starting to get the things and moving towards the things that you want in life. Unquestionably, now that I'm reaching the tail end of the course undoubtedly I would sign up for it again. It's been a great experience overall. You'll get access to a lot of great resources. Sam Ovens obviously knows what he's doing. If you want to make money and you want to be successful and you want to have a successful business you have to learn sales. One of the things that you learn very, very well how to do in this course is how to sell both yourself and sell your expertise. Everybody has something to offer. I think that unquestionably this is a course that will kind of introduce you to those resources. Thanks so much, Sam. I would totally recommend this course to anybody who's on the fence. Remember that you have to invest in yourself and in order to make money you have to be willing to put money down. That's exactly what you should do. All right, thanks so much guys.