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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Dental
  • Location: Ashburn, VA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Salman was always looking to start his own business. He always was weighing out the pros and cons but decided to jump into Consulting Accelerator and learn all the elements he needs to start his own consulting business. The mindset modules were a tremendous help to him and he would certainly recommend it for anyone looking to get their business off of the ground.


Hi there. My name is Samon Abodina. I'm from Virginia, here in the US. This is a quick testimonial for Sam Ovens Accelerator program. Currently I'm an independent contractor working in the enterprise application space. I've been implementing financials solutions at various types of companies for the past 17 years or so. But over the years, for many years, I've always known that I wanted to start my own business. But the things that have really prevented me from moving forward with that is the immense amount of work that it could take and the risks associated with it versus, you know, having a constant, stable paycheck. And just the various different things that we can start. What can we do? There's so many possibilities picking that one niche was really hard for me. But when I came across Sam's program, the thing that I really love about it is that it's so concise and in six weeks he lays out all of the elements you need to start a business. And what was truly helpful to me was the niche selection and the mindset modules. Because that really helped me overcome the fear and the hurdles that I had put in my mind from starting my own consulting services type organization. I really liked those modules because I can see how they're so fundamental in the way that I approach my business now. The other sections of his training are super important and super fun, actually. You know, the elements that I thought were really difficult, like client acquisition, which can be difficult, the way he breaks down how to target and how to get customers is truly amazing. And it does work. You just have to start implementing the strategies and remove any fear of rejection and so forth. That's all part of that mindset element. That will help you overcome these barriers and move forward with actually building your business. So I'm still working through his program, I think it's amazing. After coming across his Accelerator content, it's allowed me to be a lot more disciplined in what I do and how I do my tasks during the day. If you don't have that discipline and that mindset then you're gonna stray left and right. You know, the content that he provides, I've seen other coaches providing, you know, inferior information and guidance for three, five, ten x what he's charging. So Sam's content is definitely a value proposition. And I would certainly recommend it to anybody looking to get their business off the ground.