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Bart used Consulting Accelerator to land new clients and has made $5,000 so far.


Hi. I'm Doctor Bart . Catching up with you from beautiful Scottsdale Arizona. And wanted to share with you, just a couple of minutes, my experiences with Sam Ovens' program. My history, I actually have my own medical software company so I have a job. But it's one of those whee I'm working 40 to 50 to sometimes 60 hours a week and just not making the money that I want to make. My story's a little bit different because I'm still in the implementation phase. So the implementation process has been very good. Sam gives you very methodical, very meticulous instructions that makes otherwise very difficult concepts very straightforward. During the implementation process, I began to notice that not only am I learning about very relevant factors to the consulting business, but it has tremendous carry-over into my medical software company as well. So it's maybe that Sam doesn't actually realize how far-reaching these principles that he's sharing with everyone really is. And in fact, Sam, I'd like to have a side chat with you about that sometime. These principles that Sam is sharing with us are absolute gold. This actually should be part of any good sales and marketing core curriculum for universities across the entire country. I mean, what he's sharing with us is that good and that relevant. It's just absolute gold. So although I'm still in the implementation process, I'm excited, and I'll definitely be checking back in in about six months, and I'm sure at that point I'll have a phenomenal success story to share with everyone. Sam, thank you, you're the man. Cheers.