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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Fitness
  • Location: Fort Worth, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Cliff always had an entrepreneurial spirit and always was looking to help others...but he wasn't happy with his life. The program has given him his confidence, improved his personal life and he is working towards gaining his financial freedom.


Hello. How's everyone doing? My name is Cliff Miller. I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, living in Fort Worth, Texas. I just want to say hello to you all. Welcome to this little short video. What I'd like to do is talk to you briefly about Sam Oven Consulting Accelerator Program, and what it's done for me. It's been a tremendous ride, the journey is just now beginning. I can see myself doing this for as long as I like. Prior to getting into consulting, I was in the law enforcement field, I also worked in the military, did some government jobs here and there, and I was in sales. I did some personal training as well. I've always had that entrepreneur's spirit. I love people, I love trying to find ways that can better improve the lives of the people I come in contact with, that's what it's really all about. The different job fields that I was looking for because prior to consulting, I wasn't really happy with my life. Having to wake up everyday, going to the job. I didn't really have too long of a commute, or too much traffic, but just the idea that I had to ask permission to go to work, I didn't like that. I'm sorry, ask permission to go on vacation, to go see my mom in Ohio. So I started looking in different fields that I can get into, and real estate obviously was one, selling anything I could was another, but I liked the consulting. What Sam Oven Consulting Program did for me was just gave me the confidence. It's helped me improve my relationship with my family. I'm married, have two kids, actually two stepchildren with three grandkids, and life has just been great. Given me more time freedom, and financial freedom is my pursuit. I'm not there where I want to yet, but the journey has begun. I'm real excited and I definitely recommend Sam Ovens' program, the Consulting Accelerator Program for yourself. Good luck, take care, and hopefully see you soon.