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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Dentist
  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Zara has used the Consulting Accelerator to change her life. She has been able to make shifts in her mindset and her business.


Hello my name is Sora Basiri. I'm from Melvin Australia and I actually joined Sam's course in March this year and actually knew about Sam's course six months ago when i first saw his webinar. I tried my best to join his program that time, but I couldn't, but I finally made it and the day that I joined was one of my best days ever. Before Sam's course I knew I could help businesses with digital marketing and social media online marketing, but I had no clue. When I first saw Sam's webinar, his free webinar really changed my life, and I can say that his mindset training on his free webinar changed my life, and that was pretty much the thing that ... let me to put myself out there and get my first client without joining Sam's course. And it was an SU client, and I remember that time I was so excited and I was like, "Oh my god with a free webinar I could get my first client, how the course will be like?" So I finally made it and I was super excited to get into Sam's course. There is a really helpful community in there, the culture support is amazing and everybody's trying their best to answer your questions and help you, and actually I'm coming back from a strategy meeting with a client, which was amazing high-end client, that was my ideal client that I'd love to work with, and it's 90% closed. I have to work more on my course, and I'd love to see what more this course has for me. And Thank you very much and I'd love to see you in the group. Thank you for the time, cheers. Bye.