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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Cosmetic Surgery
  • Location: Anaheim, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Samuel joined consulting accelerator and immediately took action. He has seen tremendous financial reward from the program and he really values his personal transformation.


Hello everyone. My name is Samuel Du. I just wanted to give a quick testimonial video about Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerated program. But before I do, I just wanted to get something out of the way. I don't know Sam Ovens. I have never met Sam Ovens. I don't know Sam Ovens from a bag of kiwi. With all that said, everything that told me right now is from the bottom of my heart. Transparent, 100% authentic, and unfiltered. Before joining Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerated program, I was a waiter. A very happy waiter. Making 70 grand a year. Swinging food and wine. Hanging out with the ladies. Newport Beach, Southern California. Life was beautiful. No complaints. As a human, the only way for you to be happy is evolution, change. So I wanted change in my life. I stumbled upon Sam Ovens webinar one night. I sat through it. Hella-long. I gave it a lot of thought when it ended. I wanted to take action right there. But there's a lot of ass-clown on the internet, selling information through Snapchat and all that other bullshit. That doesn't really help people. They're just trying to make money. So after doing some research and all that stuff, I said, "You know what?" What the hell. I just took action, and I'm glad I did. It was amazing. His course is fantastic. There's a lot of stuff you're going to learn in his course. You're going to learn how to get your mind right. He'll teach you psycho cybernetic. He'll teach you how to sell. Teach you how to spin sell actually. So when you go see clients, you get them all spinning and stuff. They're all dizzy. Don't know what's going on. Also teach you how to break through advertising. After break through advertising, he'll put in the blue ocean. All by yourself. After you've done all that, you go out there and start consultant business, whatever it is you do in your previous job, you plug the information in. And you can scale your business up, because Sam Ovens got it going on. After the program, I mean, the financial reward was tremendous. But what I really appreciate the most was the change. The evolution from my waiter to a consultant. From an ugly, fucking caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. That's a real life human. We gotta have change otherwise we won't be happy. Look around you. The most happy people in the world are people that have change in their life. Not the people who sit on the couch and eat fucking Cheetos all day long. So get with Sam Ovens, because he got the black tar heroin of consulting. The China white of consulting. The thunder from down under. It's making stuff happen in the 21st century. The people who run the world these days are the people with information. Not John B. Rockefeller with the oil. Not Andrew Carnegie with the steel. Not Vanderbilt with the transportation and J.D. Power with the finance. The future belongs to those who are most creative and the most skilled. Sam Ovens' a very creative person and a very skilled person. He can pass those knowledge onto you to be relevant in the 21st century. So take action now. Forget about everything you've learned, because whatever you learned from your parents about going to college, getting a job, that's stupid. It's no longer relevant. So take action now. Do it. Do it now.