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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Pain Specialists
  • Location: BC, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Wayne has an online program that he was looking to take the next steps with. He joined Consulting Accelerator and has found the mindset training awesome. He is consistently practicing his tactics for becoming successful and truly believes he is learning from the best.


Well hi, this is Wayne Phimister, just doing a testimonial for the Sam Ovens Accelerator course. I joined the accelerator course a few months ago, because I've got a medical online course that I've been developing, and still developing, that I really want to get up and go live, but I had no real way of doing that. So I thought, when I came across Sam through the Ty Lopez adverts, I thought this is the guy to follow, and I've been really, really happy with the professionalism, with the level of education, the teaching, the simplicity of the steps that are required as you go through, as you form your niche, as you learn how to target your avatar, which is your person that you're aiming for and to focus on that, and also how to create a dialog or a script for your calls with potential clients. I've been working on this for a few months now, and really perfecting the dialog, I've written them out. I've been really happy with the mindset training, I thought that was phenomenal, definitely one of the best parts of his course. I go over the affirmations on a daily basis now, just reprogramming my brain so I can move forward and be very successful in the online world. It's been a real thrill to be involved with this course, and as I work through also the Ty Lopez course for the certification, I just feel I've got the best people in the world to help and guide me so I can be a successful entrepreneur. So, thank you Sam, it's been a real pleasure to be here, and I'll maybe see you in person soon. Thanks, bye-bye. Oh and by the way, my name, is Wayne Phimister, currently living here in Canada, but planning very soon to move back to Scotland, where I came from. Okay, thanks bye-bye.