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5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Spiritually Inspired Businesses and Wellness Practitioners.
  • Location: Firle, South Australia, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before investing in the program, Nick was feeling unfulfilled and looking to leave his dead-end job. He enjoyed the lesson delivery and collaborating with members in the Facebook group. Nick has been able to land multiple clients and is looking forward to building his business!


Hi, Nick Srader here. Just thought I'd do a short video testimonial about my experience with the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Program. Prior to investing in the program, I was working a dead-end job. I was extremely frustrated and unfulfilled as I had all these hopes, visions, goals, plans, and dreams that I wanted to make manifest in the world, but I had no plausible vehicle that would help me get there as I had a ceiling on my income. I invested in the program, and I haven't looked back. I made some really great connections online with people all over the world. I've learned to grow a consulting business from the ground up, and I really like the video tutorial format with the way the lessons are delivered. At the end of every video, there are actions steps for you to follow immediately and implement them into your business so you're always progressing. You're always moving forward, never idle, and that's fantastic. This program will suit someone that's action oriented. It will suit someone that wants to take control of their circumstances of their life. It won't suit someone that's lazy or anyone that wants something done for them. Since I've invested in this program, I have had several clients, with the first client paying me a thousand dollars, which was more than my previous weekly income, and that was for a one-off job. Then that resulted in several referrals and five-star reviews, and things are on the rise. I'm very happy and excited. I'm looking forward to building things from strength-to-strength moving forward, so out of five stars, I give this program five out of five stars. It really is the best investment I've ever made. Thanks so much to Sam Ovens and the rest of the team. Perhaps one day, we can meet in person. Cheers.