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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Chiropractors
  • Location: Richmond, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Customer joined the program and since joining the course it he has a new mindset. He learned more about himself through his course than anything he has ever experienced. He is thankful for his new view on life and of himself.


Hey there, it's Miguel Bustos from Houston, Texas. And this is my video testimonial for Sam Ovens' Accelerator Program. Now before I joined Sam's accelerator program, I was just going to school, I didn't really know much about what I wanted to do in terms of career and job wise. Once I got into Sam's accelerator program though, I learned about the online digital marketing world. The possibilities of , of becoming a consultant and getting business owners to pay you anywhere from $1,000 and up, to pay you for managing their services, like doing a specific service such as digital marketing. And, that's what really exposed me to the online world and the possibilities online. And not only that, there's plenty of very good training on there such as the Sales training, the Mind Set training, especially the Mind Set training. Like going through that taught me so much more about myself than anything I've learned before. And I can say that after joining Sam's accelerator program, I've talked with many business owners, and it's really been a life changing experience. I mean, before I was afraid of like just calling people up, because I was afraid that they were going to reject me, they were going to be like 'oh just get the hell off'. But, I really overcame that, and I'm working towards getting my first client. But, it really has shown me like, overcoming some fears that I've had, and driving me into just a way better life style and on the path of self improvement. So for that, Thank You Sam! I mean, Thank you. And for anyone looking to purchase Sam's accelerator program, go for it! I mean, there's a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you can't get your 1st client you can always request for that. But just take a leap of faith and trust the process. And that's it. Thank you for watching.