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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: My area of expertise is helping candidates to get more contributions and support through political consulting.
  • Location: Washington, DC, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Cameron was finding it hard to get new clients and lacked structure. He is using the program to learn how to attract new clients.


Hey guys, it's Cameron Erickson from Washington D.C. I just wanted to make a quick testimonial about the consulting accelerator with Sam Owens. Before joining the consulting accelerator, I was a consultant who had one client and had some difficulty getting new clients because I didn't have a structure of how to pitch them and exactly what I was offering. I was being too general. During the consulting accelerator program, which I haven't finished yet, but even after completing week one, it was already clear that I really needed to hone in on my niche and be able to talk about what I do in a clear and effective way. I've been able to do that, especially at parties and networking events by just honing what I'm doing down to one sentence which really helps people get an idea of what I do, so they can put me in touch with people and so I can get more clients. It's really helped me structure the way I do my strategy sessions, and even though I haven't completed it yet, it's really just helped me just structure my whole life. It's helped me set goals and complete them. I've set micro-goals such as working out every day and trying to eat healthier and being in good physical shape and that's really helpful and just goes and matriculates to every single part of your life, so I really thank Sam for that and I would definitely recommend that you give the program a try. There's a 30 day trial and already in 30 days, you can really see a marked improvement. I've only completed week two and have already really just seen a marked improvement in the way I carry myself, my whole life, and I would absolutely recommend the consulting accelerator to anybody.