5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health Coaching
  • Location: Bolingbrook, IL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Before the program, Natalie had business ""ideas"" but wasn't sure what direction to move in. During the program she was able to hone in on exactly what she could provide to the marketplace. After the program, she is taking off and is looking forward to what she has created with the program. "


Hi. My name is Natalie Pauls. I am from Chicago, Illinois. I just want to tell you a little bit about my experience before the Consultant Accelerator, during and after. First of all, what I really enjoyed the most and appreciated the most were the opportunities to have the live calls with Sam and present my questions and get feedback. So that was throughout the time that I participated. Before the Consultant Accelerator, I was really searching for the opportunity that fit me, so fit what I had as far as my experience as well as my background, but was able to take me further as a consultant and really I'm going to say creating the income that I truly wanted to create. So before it I just had ideas and I was not sure at all how to implement them. Or I wasn't even sure what direction I wanted to go. It was just bits and pieces kind of flying around in my head. During my experience with the Consultant Accelerator, I really was able to hone in. There was a particular exercise where we looked, it was like doing a Venn Diagram, figuring out what our skills were, what our experience was and what it is that we wanted to do. I came up with what I thought was really a novel consultant idea that really wasn't out there. Actually I searched it and it is out there, which is being a health coach because I have experience in the healthcare industry for 20 years, but I wanted to go out on my own and coach individuals. I talk to doctors and patients all the time and I found a gap. But participating in the Consultant Accelerator Program really helped me find a niche that really, really was close to my heart and fit who I am. So the experience was great. Again, having an opportunity to talk to Sam, present my questions, get feedback, listen to other consultants' experiences as well as looking at what was going on on Facebook on the chats there was very, very helpful. It was also exciting to see other people trying to do some of the same things that I was doing. After, actually I'm working with the marketing coach and my idea is really taking off and I'm really looking forward to what I have created because of the Consultant Accelerator. So thank you, Sam.