5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Restoring the health of the elderly
  • Location: Stafford, VA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Sandra has used the Consulting Accelerator to gain the confidence she needs, start overcoming her limiting beliefs and is engaging with people with more passion. She recommends the program to others.


Hi, my name is Sondra Foster, and I'm in Virginia. I just wanted to say some brief things. Before I got onto the Sam Ovens program, though I had a number of decades in my arena, I had never did it before as my core job. Now I have the confidence to do that, so I am definitely branching out to select a niche, which my offering before was too broad. I had skill in so many areas that I was always dibbling and dabbling and trying to figure out where I wanted to be. Doing week one, I had to drill down on a niche, which was what I desperately needed to do. Now that I have a specialized niche, I needed to overcome the mindset. I needed to overcome the fact that I thought I was just not good at sales, just could not have the confidence to sell a product. Now that's definitely changed. Now I'm not completely over it, but I push myself to have the conversations, to rehearse the scripts in my mind. The sales script has been invaluable. He just dumbed it down for me. I just didn't have to figure it out myself, didn't have to tweak it. He's laid out every single thing, every script that we would need, and I love that. After going through the program, I can say definitely I'm much more confident. That confidence comes through when I'm speaking to people. I can engage them with more passion. When they see that you believe in what you're selling, not that I didn't before, but just the way it comes across is just a lot more confident. To having gone through the scripts and the affirmations, those things have been and are invaluable to me. I definitely would recommend this program to everyone and anyone. Even if you're successful in business, there's always another level that we can attain.