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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Fitness
  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the course Rhett was a semi professional athlete and had no real exposure or skills in any field other than sports. The mindset course is like nothing he has seen and most impactful thing he has ever gone through personally, and business wise. Before the course he wasn't make any real money and with the mindset training, he attained a job making 1,000 a week and using the capital from his new job he is branching off into his own fitness business.


Guys, from Melbourne in Australia. I just want to quickly talk to you about my experience with Sam Ovens and being in the Consulting Accelerator. Before I went through the Consulting Accelerator and chatting with Sam, I was a semi-professional athlete playing Aussie Rules football here in Australia. That was my main source of income and professional development. I hadn't really had much other development in terms of business and career wise. When I first got onto Sam, I really had no skills in business, marketing, sales. I hardly even knew what marketing or sales were to be honest. I went through the program and the first module that came up was around mindset. I thought I had mindset pretty down pat being an athlete and with the elite training and the coaching that I received from professional sporting teams, going through all the way through my development in my teenage years and very early 20s, however I had something to learn. Sam Ovens' mindset module was probably the most impactful thing that I've ever gone through in my personal life in terms of, not only business development, but personal development, relationships, the way I see the world, the way I see myself with my own self identity and that is by far the best module I've ever, ever gone through. Thank you Sam for that. I recommend it to absolutely anyone. Before the course I was making zero money. I just finished up my football career. I was working some part-time jobs, so a little bit of cash coming in, however I used his mindset module to really just go out and get a job, get myself some base income coming in. I went out, I found a sales role that I was earning a minimum of $1,000.00 per month, sorry $1,000.00 per week. I really crafted in and used his sales module to increase my sales ability and increase my income to $2,500.00 per week. At this so-called sales expert that I was working for at the time had me selling his way, and I was getting no leverage, no traction whatsoever. I implemented Sam's strategy right away as soon as I went through the course and raised my income levels by $1,500.00 straight off the bat within the first week. I made a few sales and got commissions on those sales which then set me up moving forward. I was $1,000.00 base with this company. I implemented Sam's tactics to earn myself an extra $1,500.00 on average per week. Now what I'm doing, I'm using my passion and my expertise in the fitness industry to now get into fitness consulting. Within my first ... It took me a couple of weeks to develop the product and the service that I was actually going to provide for the people, however, sorry, once that was completed, I then made three sales within my first week and earned $1,500.00 straight off the bat. Yeah, they were sort of low ticket sales from what Sam recommends you do at the moment, however I was just trying to test the waters an see what I could come up with and see how good I was at selling my own product. Yeah, $1,500.00 straight off the bat. I can't thank Sam enough. I honestly truly believe that he is the best in the industry in terms of sales, marketing, business consulting and mindset that there is today. I would recommend this program to my family, my friends, regardless of whatever industry they're in. I think that everyone, almost everyone should be going through this course because the mindset stuff will just change your life alone and is worth the money by far. Secondly, I think Sam is hands down the best in regards to marketing and sales. He goes really in depth in those two modules within the program. Sam, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much. Also guys, for you youngsters out there, I'm only 22 years old, so do not worry about your age or the impact that you can create at a young age, just go for it, get into it, dive into the content and you will be so much better off even if you go work for someone else with the knowledge that you're handed to by Sam, however the end goal is to become your own consultant, but the world is yours with this knowledge. Go get it done. Thanks guys. I hope to see you guys in the course.